Warm Welcomes

Tasting Room

If the brewery is where we craft our beer, the tasting room is where we enjoy it. What we love most about beer is its power to bring people together. The tasting room is where that happens. A place for old friends and new families alike. Gather here.

Gather Here

A place to Bring people together

When we started brewing beer in our home, we loved inviting the gang over to taste the latest batch. We'd all gather in our backyard garage, swap stories, and laugh together. We loved beer, but we loved what we were able to do with beer even more: bring people together.

Those early days helped shape our north star, summed up in four words: Love People, Love Beer. We love people, first and foremost. People are what matter. Being together matters. Community, family, and friendship matter. This belief is not only why we brew beer. It's also the driving force behind our tasting room.

We wanted to share that special connection we felt those early days in our home. Our handcrafted community tables, patio seating, and game area have all been designed to invoke that feeling.

When you walk through our doors, expect a warm hello (and maybe a hug). Pull up a seat at the table. Grab a board game. Play some cornhole on our patio. You and yours are welcome here.

Tasting Room Rules

Rule One

Get here quickly

It's all fun and games until someone loses a beer. Which is exactly what happens to those who wait too long! We brew in small batches, so get here ASAP as possible!

Rule Two

Bring the whole crew

Got kids? We do too. Bring 'em. We have juice boxes, board games, and homemade root beer just for them. They'll have a blast.
And we're dog friendly... to friendly dogs.

Rule Three

Bring good food

We don't serve food here, so we recommend that you bring something with you. But it has to be good food. We insist. Don't have time to pick up? Order a pizza right to your table.

Rule Four

Ask All the questions

Let's be honest, we love talking about ourselves. If you want to know anything about our beer, our history, our process, please ask! If we can't answer, we'll find someone who will.

Rule Five

Leave here safely

If you're driving, be smart. We care about you, your family, and everyone else on the road. Had too much fun? We've been there. We'll gladly help you grab an Uber.

Plan Your Trip

What to expect

We know breweries can be an intimidating trip for first-timers. Here are some logistical details in order to help you plan your trip.

Our tasting room has an open door policy: no reservation necessary! Join us any time during our business hours, and bring a crowd.

We have several beers on tap, which you can drink here or take home in glass jars called growlers or big cans called crowlers. We sell pre-packed cans too.

We don't serve food, but welcome you to bring your own, or order in right to your table. Pizza night just became cool again.

Kids are always welcome. Friendly dogs can hang out too. Grumpy uncles... totally up to you.

If you're driving here, we have plenty of parking.

When you pull in, you'll notice we're in an industrial park. That's because breweries are not considered restaurants in the state of California, and we have to comply with special zoning laws. No biggie, it's great.

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Let's be honest: You don’t need a special reason to come in for a visit, but here are some exciting things happening at the brewery, anyway!

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Where to Find us

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P: 909-989-7050
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